can you drink a protein shake while fasting

I love protein shakes. Most don’t contain enough of everything we need to get us through our busy lives, but they’re so good for our body and our health.

But what if you were told you could do something that might actually be a better use of your time? For me this is a great example of that. I was asked to try a protein shake while fasting by a health coach. She told me it would help me burn calories while I did a couple of hours of cardio. I did it and was surprised at how much I burned. Its just the best thing I’ve ever done.

There’s no particular reason to eat a protein shake while fasting, but if you absolutely have to, you can still improve your health by eating it while you’re on a diet. The protein in a shake is essential to your energy levels because it contains all the amino acids needed to build muscle. Plus, all of the fiber in this shake is not just fiber for your body, but it’s also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

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