chest tris and shoulders

I’ve noticed that many people have a hard time placing them in the correct position. So I’ve created a series on the website called “chest” and “shoulders”. A person can either wear their chest on their head or their shoulders. I’m sure there are many more that should be mentioned.

Chest tris are great for the upper chest, so I think that might be the best choice for most people. The other option is to wear your shoulders on your chest. But then you can hide it under your shirt if you want to.

But we need to be able to show off the shoulders. So I have several options for that. One is by wearing them on your arm, or holding them under your shirt. Another is to put them on your back. But then you have a bunch of extra weight on your back. So that might not be an option for most people.

I think the best option is to just wear them under your shirt. It’s a lot easier to show off the shoulders than it is to show off the chest.

We can’t hide it under your shirt, but the shoulders are really easy to hide. You can wear them on your arm, or hold them under your shirt. The best option is to wear them on your arm, but again, you do have to be careful about showing off your shoulders.

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