clean and press muscles

This is a new one for me, and I know it’s not new to you. People always say to me, “Oh you can’t clean your body, you have to get rid of all these toxins.” Well, that’s the truth. Most of the time when I go to the gym, I am not cleaning my body. I get distracted and forget to get back to the work I was doing.

The truth is, you cannot really clean your body. Just because you are eating healthy and exercising does not mean your body is clean. But even if you were to get rid of all the toxins, that doesn’t mean you are. You still have to exercise. You still have to have a nutritious diet. You still have to have some fun, too.

But most of the time, the toxins are the easy part. At the gym, you see the muscles you have, the ones that you never thought were doing anything but standing there for you. Those are the ones you are paying attention to. But they are not doing anything. They are not getting any work done. They are just standing there, inert. Once you start looking at them from a different angle, you will see something that is quite different.

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