cla softgels

I can’t say enough good things about cla softgels. They’re the best soft gel I’ve ever used. They are incredibly lightweight, don’t melt, and last me almost two weeks without a problem. I used them in conjunction with the mason jars of basil and other fresh herbs that I use in the recipe.

I just wish they came in a mason jar. I cant picture myself carrying a mason jar of basil in my handbag.

If you want to get a good impression of cla softgels, watch the video for the recipe. I also highly recommend trying them with basil or whatever fresh herbs you have on hand.

Ive never seen any soft gel advertised, or tried them, yet. That means you can also, and I guess, assume that they are as good as or better than the mason jars of basil. In a word, awesome.

A lot of people have been asking me if the soft gel I make is actually soft gel. In my opinion, no. The soft gel I make is exactly what it sounds like: a gel of liquid herbs in a clear liquid. The soft gel I make comes from my kitchen herb drawer. I just have a hard time visualizing a soft gel as something that would have liquid in it.

The soft gel that is the foundation of the basil mason jar is actually a blend of a few different herbs that you can find in your kitchen. When I am making the soft gel I usually mix it up with some salt, spices, and a few other spices. But the herb that I mix with the most is thyme. Thyme is a herb that is very good for your skin. It’s an antimicrobial, so it helps with acne and reduces wrinkles.

The most effective herb you can use to make a soft gel is basil. It is also a great natural ingredient. It is very cheap and easy to make. Most people use it as an ingredient in many other recipes.

If you look at the ingredients in the soft gel recipe, you’ll see that only three ingredients are herbs. So thyme is the only herb you need to use in the recipe.

This recipe calls for basil and thyme. You can use either one of these but you can also buy them in bulk in some health food stores. I would recommend basil if you like thyme and thyme if you like basil.

Since this recipe is for a soft gel, it is a very thick gel. You could use it to make a lot of different types of soft gel but I would recommend one of the newer forms called “gel mix” as that is easier to make and the ingredients are cheaper.

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