dairy free protein bars

I’ve been a dairy-free consumer of protein bars for a long time. I love the taste of the bars because they are dairy-free, and they are full of protein. The good news is that many of the bars are also vegan, and many of the flavors are natural. I think this is a big deal because people are getting so used to the idea of dairy-free when they think about protein bars.

I wonder why there are so many dairy-free bars on the market. Dairy-free bars are one of the easiest things to find in supermarkets because they are packaged in a way that dairy-free doesn’t count as a separate item.

This is probably because dairy is so often associated with dairy products. They are so ubiquitous in the USA because of the dairy industry. So the more people who are exposed to dairy-free bars, the more people who will try them. And if the dairy industry wants to continue to have a massive influence on the health of the American population, then this is the way to go.

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