epic protein bars

They are simply the best thing ever, I can’t get enough of them. There are so many varieties and I have tried so many over the years. I have tried the dark chocolate, vanilla (which I actually prefer), peanut butter, and almond (which I do not actually like). I have tried the strawberry and chocolate (which I actually like), the blueberry and chocolate (which I absolutely love), the pumpkin, and the almond (which just doesn’t taste like anything).

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Just a quick follow up to my post about the Best Superfoods of the year, Epic Protein Bars. The best thing ever in my opinion, are the Epic Protein Bars. They are so delicious and so easy to make. I love them so much, that I eat them before I go to bed, just to get them out of my system.

The protein bars I eat are ones that I’ve made myself. No fancy ingredients, just some almond flour, organic honey, ground flaxseed, and almond butter. In case you’re wondering, the peanut butter is a great addition for healthy fats, and the chocolate is a fantastic flavor enhancer.

What really gets me about Epic Protein Bars is their quality. These bars are made with quality ingredients, and are just as delicious as you could hope for. I just love them because they’re packed with protein, which is good for the heart and digestive system. They are also gluten free so you can eat them without the guilt.

For all my other nutritional advice, this is my favorite recipe for a good vegan recipe. I’ve also been looking for recipes to make with some of the ingredients I use, and I found my favorite couple of ingredients on Pinterest. I’m not sure if that’s a mistake or not, but this recipe is definitely a keeper.

The recipe I used is called Epic Protein Bars and you can find it here. Ive found that as a vegan, I need to make a lot of these, so I make a lot of them in bulk. I recommend using the recipe at the bottom of this article.

Epic protein bars tend to be a staple of my kitchen. Ive been making them for years, but this recipe is one that I use all the time. It works great for any size meal (and even just with breakfast), so you can make a large batch and store it in the freezer for future meals.

I have found that I make a bunch of these when I’m feeling particularly lazy, like last night. It’s a lot easier to eat a whole bar than it is to eat an entire meal. You can easily make a large batch and freeze it for when you need something else, but it’s a lot easier to just eat one or two.

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