rotator cuff warmup

I’ve always found that doing a warmup before a workout can help build my muscles, speed up recovery, and help reduce injuries. The warmup is also a great way to get more oxygen into your body and reduce the risk of injury while you’re moving.

Many athletes, coaches, and fitness instructors would agree with me. In fact, for many of us, the warmup is a prerequisite for a workout. But most of us don’t do it. Most of us don’t warm up before a workout because we think doing so helps us better prepare for the workout. But if you think about it, the benefits of a warmup are twofold.

First, it helps you get more oxygen into your brain during exercise. Second, it helps you recover quicker and stay more injury-free. The warmup, which may be performed before or after a workout, is a great way to prepare, but one that should be performed during the workout. Not only does it help you recover quicker, it also helps you avoid injuries, not just from the exercise itself, but from your body’s reaction.

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